Choose the right home loan for you

No matter whether you're looking for a new home, refinancing or looking for an investment property , there are hundreds of home loans, all with different rates fees, and features.  By comparing all the home loan products against each other Sharene can assist you to find the right home loan that suits your needs

Your choice of lenders

with over 300 mortgage loan products from an array of banks, credit unions & lenders, our lender panel has been carefully assembled and is continually reviewed to ensure our product range remains highly competitive and meets the varied needs of our clients.

Ready Set Buy

Sharene will guide you through the pre approval process which saves you time, provides you with expert advice and takes the pain out of the application paperwork.  Once your loan has reached the approval stage and you identify your dream property, you are ready to buy.

The Loan Process

1. Identify the lenders that may approve your loan - this will vary dependant on where the property is located, you    employment, your savings history and many other factors.

2. Assess your total borrowing capacity - this can vary greatly from lender to lender!

3. Help select the most suitable loan structure that meets your objectives

4. Complete all loan application documents

5. Submit the loan application to the lender of your choice for approval, organise First Home Owners Grant Applications,  communicate with Real Estate Agent, Conveyancers etc.

6. Notify you when your loan is approved, advise your agent, conveyancer and any other related parties as authorised

7. Organise the signing of your mortgage documents. 



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"I work away in remote areas, with very little phone reception, so when I did make contact with THLO, everything was organised, with only my signature needed"

-- Brad